That time is readily approaching

That is, the time in which I have time to watch more movies!

Tokyo Sonata is at the top of my list. It's sitting here ever so patiently waiting for this Kiyoshi Kurosawa horror fan to give it a try.

Having heard only negative things about Titus I'm keen to draw my own conclusions.

On the topic of Shakespeare, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead is such an interesting premise. Stories within a story are hard to pull off.

On the topic of horror movies, I've been meaning to watch Baz Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet again.

Finally, the adaptation of the book Let The Right One In is showing at the Schonell theatre. I really hope it is still showing when my exams are over.

Koji Suzuki (author of The Ring, Dark Water) has a new book out which I'd be keen to read if my Japanese were better.
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Daylight hurts my eyes /blink blink

Having ventured out from underground, I suppose people want to hear how I am doing. Or at least, people will smile and nod politely while I tell them. In your case, you can just say you are nodding and smiling politely, I will take your word for it!

There isn't much to report, actually, but finally I am starting to feel alive. I apologise for any confusion the previous paragraph may have caused.

For a long time I have been unhappy with what I have been doing and this was not helped much by my last boyfriend (a topic reserved for a friends-locked post). University has been disenchanting for years now, but at the end of this year I am leaving and moving somewhere better. For a while there I lost interest in socialising, not even online (I couldn't even bring myself to play on, it was that severe a withdrawal).

In other news: my French is improving, I have taken up swimming and will join a swim team as of next year, and I adopted a new cat.

As for what everyone else is doing, I was reading back through the friends page just now, and will continue doing so tomorrow.
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I feel like crap

A few weeks ago I suffered some rather nasty head trauma and have been feeling terrible ever since. My head is throbbing constantly, my back is in pain and pills don't help, fainting spells overcome me at the most inconvenient times, my face looks like a patchwork quilt, and my jagged teeth will cost a mere $4000 to fix. I'm also poor and starving and can't drink even if I could afford it.

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Wisdom worth repeating

In the words of Dan Savage:

(1) Love is making out with someone after you've blown a load on his/her face.

(2) You know you're in love when you're eating breakfast in a restaurant together the morning after he/she blew a load on your face and you suddenly realize that you didn't wash your face when you got out of bed that morning and you don't care.

(3) You know he/she is the one when he/she realizes that you've just realized that you're eating breakfast in a restaurant the morning after he/she blew a load on your face and you didn't wash your face when you got out of bed that morning and he/she smiles, leans over the table, and gives you a kiss.

Horror movies that we'll never see

Rather disappointing that John Carpenter can't direct a sequel to his own film, The Thing.

Almost as disappointing is the fact that Bag of Bones is going to be adapted by Mick Garris, not Frank Darabont.

It's hard to take seriously the opinion of someone who misspelt Stephen King's name, and therefore I refuse to comment on their comments about the two versions of The Shining. *twitch*

I feel so let down

Having just installed KDE 4 for Windows I was looking forward to running it. Then I found out there is no desktop application in the Windows build (either that or I am too stupid to find it, but the documentation doesn't mention any). It merely lets you run applications that rely on KDE. I'm so disappointed. Guess I'll install Litestep again.

Edit: At least Litestep works for me.
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